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Hi and welcome to Hand Me Down Baby where I share personal reviews of baby products and talk about my parenting experiences and life in general.

I’m Ellie, a married, 30-something mum of two: Little Miss A our two year old girl and Master J, our brand new baby boy, born at the start of August 2015!

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As a relatively new mum who likes to shop and has a tendency to get carried away by "must-have" items, I was wary of over-spending on baby stuff when we had Little Miss A back in 2013. That's when I learnt to love a good hand-me-down!
Whether it’s baby products: clothes, toys, nursery furniture, or the seemingly endless list of other things that come with having children, it's often so much better when you've got it cheap or free. And the great thing about hand-me-downs is that they typically come with a first-hand product review to go with it. 

I also like sharing hand-me-down parenting tips and advice, be it about a great new product, a fab child-friendly café, or a fun park or playground to explore.

Where to begin?

There’s a lot to read on the site, so let me tell you about a few places to get you started. There are some pages you should definitely check out, including our exclusive Hand-Me-Down Baby Etiquette Guide to Accepting Hand-me-Downs. Plus our lists of Hand-me-Down Dos and Hand-me-Down Don’ts which offer guidance on the types of items you might want to accept as hand-me-downs or buy second-hand, and those which you definitely should not.

Baby Product Reviews

In the Baby Product Reviews area, if it’s a baby product - or baby / toddler related - and I’ve used it, you'll be able to find a review of it here! I’m always adding to this section because there are just so many baby products that we end up using. And with a new baby in the house, I'm sure we'll discover many more.

Parenting Blog

Over in the main Blog you’ll find my general musings and thoughts on everything else to do with  parenting, family life, and life in general, including books I’ve read, websites I like, movies I’ve seen, baking and cooking that I’ve done…plus much, much more.
And throughout the site you’ll find all kinds of other hand-me-down shopping, parenting, baby and toddler tips. Trust me: if I now know it, you will too! 

Enjoy your time here and do connect with me on Twitter, Instagram or sign up to my email list below to receive notifications whenever I add something new to the site. 

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